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Our investments in the construction sector, which we started in 1999, continued with the investment we made to the prefabricated buildings which were prefabricated in 2003.

The Investment That We Made with the Forecasting of the Needs of People in Today's Conditions of the Industry That We Have Made a Proper Investment, Proved We Know.

Many serious investments in the sector in the beginning of the construction of the construction of the dormitory buildings.

We have been able to use the screws we have produced completely with screw system. We are proud of being the indispensable company of our suppliers. We have become a serious company in the sector which has been mentioned in our company with its high quality buildings and reasonable prices. Our Investments and Activities Will Continue to Increase Our Weight in the Sector.

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Mission - Vision


Our mission Mek Creating and Developing Together mak To educate individuals who are competent and confident in all fields and at international level and are equipped with multi-dimensional and independent thinking ability and who are conscious of social responsibility;


our vision The project aims to be an international reference point with its creativity in the field of research and education, which enables the creation and dissemination of original knowledge, leading to a pioneer with an innovative, interdisciplinary educational infrastructure that is sensitive to the needs of all our stakeholders within a liberal corporate culture.

Our values

Our future-oriented work with environmental awareness. Our employees are our most valuable assets. Learning, improvement and continuity of change. Our operations; data-driven, process-oriented management approach. Implementation of a clear, consistent and accessible leadership approach in management. Group focused studies. Trust, respect and accuracy in our relationships. Open and honest communication ...

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Human resources

Steel House | Human resources policy

Our Company's Human Resources Policy; The pioneer position in the Turkish industry, increasing its capacity, meeting the expectations of its stakeholders, giving value to the employee, open to change, the leader in the region, using its resources as a global company, sensitive to the environment, occupational health and safety, consistent with the quality standards, constantly improving its technology, is to use human resources efficiently to become a customer-oriented company.

Planning, selection, recruitment, recruitment, development, planning, implementation, determination of competencies, performance management, career planning studies in accordance with scientific methods It is the goal of our policy.